We all know one person who is the class hopper, the FotM expert – we know this especially as our resident Admin/Youtuber Holytaboo loves a spur of the moment reroll too! So, here we are – saving you some time in the research phase by compiling classes/spec(s) that stand out as the current Flavour of the months and a runner-up to the title as well.

  • New Class
  • 2 very unique stances, with the pre-awakened being a more tank-like specialisation, and contrasted with the Awakened version being a duelist-type.
  • Pulling excellent trash numbers whilst grinding, a safe bet.
  • Female, we’re not saying BDO has a type, but if we were – she fits it.
  • With the latest PvP changes, CC became more prevalent and her Ice Wall adds a new element of fun and tactics to gameplay.
  • New Class, this can be a good or a bad thing as class knowledge can be limited at the start.
  • We’d advise letting the honeymoon period settle before going all-out
  • Nerfs may be incoming, as with any new class.
  • Extra buffs to manage for Awakening

  • After a round of buffs, this class has gone from mid-tier grinder to an S tier with both specs, an excellent min-max choice.
  • With the option to perform exceptionally well in 1v1 safeguarding it as an excellent grinder for when you see that message “Duel?”
  • Viability with grinding in both specs makes this a choice of what specialisation you enjoy the most, and not what you SHOULD play.
  • Innately more resistant to magic damage makes this a class to avoid for many Witch/Wizards who would rather try their luck elsewhere.
  • Skill point heavy builds
  • Seems more complex than it is
  • Has a unique playstyle compared to other classes, can be a “marmite” for some who will either love or hate it.
  • Martial Shards are very important and an additional resource to track for min-maxing.