Ability Power, the damage stat within Black Desert Online.


Awakened Ability Power, refers to the secondary AP stat off your Awakened Weapon.


Defence Power, refers to the defensive stat within Black Desert Online.


Player versus Environment, typically referring to non-player versus player orientated content such as life skills, or grinding.

  • PvE Easy, is a term which we use to describe all PvE content below Aakman Temple, an example would be levelling or Gahaz Bandits area.
  • PvE Hard, is a term which we use to describe all PvE content from Aakman Temple and above which require a higher level of gear to access.


Player versus Player, refers to any content that involves fighting or facing other players.


Node Wars, refers to the competitive modes available in Black Desert Online.

  • T1, is a form of Node War in which participating guilds are locked into Tier 1, capped wars where AP and DP are limited and the War Hero function is disabled.

Loot Scroll

Referring to the Item Increase Collection Scrolls which is an item that is available to improve Item Drop Rates and Item Collection Rates while grinding.


Flavour of the Month is a term used when describing classes or specs that are deemed to be overturned or overpowered in many areas, which leads them to be extremely popular for the longevity of their ‘broken’ state.

Tier Rankings

  • NW Small, this is for wars that are under 25 people within any bracket.
  • NW Large, this for wars that are over 25+ people up to the 100 cap bracket.
  • Siege, refers to the territory wars that take place on Saturday’s.