We’ve added some updates to our “BDOHub’s Data Explained” post and will continue to edit when applicable So if you have questions regarding the data it’s probably covered in that post.

Why hasn’t there been updates?

There isn’t any good way to announce this, but Endar(Tech/Design Admin) had a family member pass away from Covid-related issues and that obviously took priority over anything else, now they’ve been laid to rest and all the other things that were associated with are complete he is once again, able to devote some time to update the site.

Flavour of the Month

We’ve put our heads together and decided on who we think the FOTMs are for this month, so make sure you check out them both here:

These as always are based on a variety of attributes from popularity, ease of use, strength and any other applicable reason you might consider when classes become the flavour.

Nova & Hashashin Added

Long overdue, but you can now find both Awakening and Succession’s for the Nova and Hashashin respectively.



Where did the PvP Tier Lists go?

These lists were a source of many DMs, comments and general subjective based critique, after deliberating on this for a long time we couldn’t come up with a solution that wasn’t fallible to subjectivity.

We’ve kept the 1v1 tier list, as we felt this is one of the more controllable situations, and the factors are limited leading to a more accurate reading of potential encounters.

Unlike our PvE tier lists where we can be sure that they are grounded in data and fact, PvP is very much open to interpretation.

We have played around with the idea of using featured tier lists from key members of the community, an example being when streamers release their lists, we would be open to forming a partnership where we extend that list to this site.

E.g. “Choice’s PvP Tier List” or “Potionshops Tier List”

This brings its own issues, but we would like to let it be known that we are open to collaboration, and displaying other people’s list to add a sense of community that the site is based on.

After all, the aim here is to take what the community provides and make a baseline for accurate views of what classes are/can be capable of.

What’s Next?

We will be releasing some guides for different things, just more helpful and informative pieces, and updating existing stuff that has seen become outdated e.g. Ultimate Tier 1 Guide

Thanks for the support, and we will try our best to keep things up to date more in the future.

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