There are several things that you can do to increase your hourly drop rates other than just popping a scroll and/or using Agris.


Without going into too many details obviously increasing your gear will increase your trash, partially getting a kutum up to TET/PEN and swapping from Kzarka/ Offin to Blackstar (as long as you don’t drop brackets.


Two main tricks here: Firstly make sure that your pets are on “RED” (Agile)  to make sure they are looting as quickly as they can. This will help you get more loot per hour.

Sadly this is where P2W (Pay to Win) can come in, and having 5 tier 4 pets will also help. Whilst this isn’t a large increase, every little helps.

Black Desert Online - Pets set to Agile / Fast Loot Mode
You can set all pets to the same mode by right clicking on the first icon on the left hand side.

Rotations & Rooms

Knowing where you are grinding is key, make sure that you know which rooms you like to grind in and the rotations within those rooms. Time of the day will play a big factor, you may be on the best “main” rotation but if you are getting dueled for a spot every 15 minutes your loot per hour will drop.


In high-end places, the technique in how you pull can make a large difference in the amount of trash you get. Practicing this over and over will help you get cleaner pulls, and a quick tip is to avoid stopping to kill ‘stragglers’ that remain after 80% of a pack is killed.

Skill Add-Ons

Yes, if you want to go hardcore and get the max trash then changing your addons to PvE ones can really help.

Attack Speed, Crit, +PvE/Monster Damage and accuracy can really help boost your output.

Just reminder this will make you LESS effective when doing PvP, and many players opt for a hybrid between PvE & PvP.

E buffs and Z buffs

Getting into the habit of either using Z and/E buffs on certain packs to boost clear speed.

Also using them just as they come off CD (Cooldown) would be effective if you don’t have big key packs to use them on. Just think these buffs as a nice increase in damage, which means not using them will always mean you loose trash amounts and clear speed.

Food Rotations & Elixirs

Again without going too deep into this, it’s key to make sure that you use as much of the following as possible: Food Buffs (Simple Cron Meal), Tent buff (Villa Invite or Old Moon Book Needed), Church Buff (Exchange 100g Bars at Church in Veila for Attack/Defence RNG Buffs), Potions/Draughts, Elixir / Perfume and Alchemy stone (Turned on of course!).


Fighting mobs which are higher level than you reduces your accuracy against them. Getting to an equal or higher level will always help you fight against them and do more damage since mitigating the loss of damage through accuracy is always beneficial.

Mob Knowledge

Let’s be fair, if you have grinded somewhere for more than 2 hours you have most likely got many mobs at S level knowledge, but if you haven’t then yes, the knowledge will help you as a by-product of gaining this tier means you take less damage, and they take more damage from you.

Increasing DP

Yes, its as simple as this, with better DP you aren’t worried about getting hit as hard, and opens up more areas to you as a reward like Sycraia and Ash Forest (Eventually, I guess).

If you’re grinding and are at risk of dying, then you’re more likely to be running into a silver deficit if you lose any gems (RIP to my JIN Vipers).


It’s all about small, consistent habits and improving your rotations and expertise at your given grind area coupled with natural gear progression.

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