There are some great guides out there already which we would definitely suggest reading if you want more detailed information on Seasonal servers, check here for BDFoundry’s but before starting on your seasonal adventure here are some quick tips to get you ready.

Your Seasonal char can’t wear “normal gear” only quest and the seasonal gear

Ok, this sounds obvious but for those who haven’t done a seasonal character before; you cannot wear your normal gear.

Although you are able to wear items given by quest chains, such as a Ring of Power, Grana Oath Earring and Roaring Magical Armor.

Don’t expect to be going to high AP/DP areas, full PEN Tuvala gear is only 245/247/307

Whilst we hope that you came to BDOHub to check how much loot you could get at Stars End after hitting a new bracket, realistically this probably won’t be the case for your seasonal character.

Unless you get close to full PEN it probably wouldn’t be worth going to these areas, so we strongly recommend you don’t base your Seasonal class choice off these areas. Additionally, it is something you may want to take into consideration post-season end though.

Class is important but not as important as having fun – Don’t forget you are limited to 1 seasonal character.

This is pretty much a given, if you aren’t having fun then you simply won’t play it.

Plus if you have collected your seasonal rewards already you can’t get them again, whilst this isn’t a big deal it’s definitely something worth noting. Pick a class which you are going to enjoy or maybe want to try out.

Exchanging PEN Naru to get PRI Tuvula will save you enhancement materials at the start

Something that was added partway through the first season was Naru gear, now this has a VERY high chance of going up so you can practically 0 stack it up to PEN and exchange it for PRI Tuvalu Weapons and Armor.

This is nice due to a couple of reasons, the first is that you can get loads of Beginner Black stones from the quest lines and you can also make them from heating normal Black Stones. Since getting Time Filled Black Stones is harder, at the start, not wasting them on getting Tuvalu up to PRI will be always be good.

No PvP on normal seasonal servers, but…

You should forget about fighting for your spot since there is no PvP on the normal seasonal servers and sadly good grind spots are contested with people just taking mobs.

Please note that Guild Wars are still active on all Seasonal servers.

If that really annoys you, well then great as there is a seasonal PvP server available which works the same as Arsha, IE no Karma loss and no jail in the desert. Problem kinda solved right?

You can go on normal servers but you won’t get the time filled drops

There are times when you may just be fed up with the sheer amount of people trying to kill some mobs for a quest you have. Well, good luck your seasonal, character can go onto normal servers. Just keep in mind that you can be PvP’d and you won’t get any seasonal-related enhancement drops, and that includes:

Time-Filled Black Stones
Refined Magical Black Stones
[Season] Ouk Pill of Rift

You can’t swap characters on seasonal servers unless you swap channels first.

A normal character cannot access Seasonal servers, so you’re forced to head back to switch to a normal channel beforehand. Just keep this in mind if you like to have characters tagged or want to go AFK and get on your fishing/training alt.

They did add a quality of life improvement to this by adding individual cooldowns for normal server swaps, and seasonal server swaps to lessen the issue somewhat.

There are weekly quests at key grinding spots that offer a lot of Tuvalu Ore and Time-filled Black Stones

So, just in case you didn’t know, there are weekly quests in the main grinding areas where you will have to kill a few thousand mobs, and as a reward, you can choose between a large amount of Tuvalu Ore and Time-Filled Black Stones to boost your enhancing gear.

Also to be noted, that while you do this quest you will also have a decent amount drop.

The Seasonal pass IS worth it if you are happy to swipe BUT not essential

We don’t like the idea of promoting cash shop items too much but hey, even if you wanted to melt the costumes or sell it, the “value” of a seasonal pass is actually quite high per pearl… just saying…

As an added bonus to any serial re-roller, the Season Pass now rewards an item to help with this, and we’re assuming you’d want to weapon swap since those items were removed as a cash shop item earlier this year. Now, the new collectable Coco Leaf’s, which you will need to acquire 50 to get a full weapon exchange set coupon set.

Yes, the Infinite Pot Pieces can drop on the Seasonal servers.

Since on the seasonal characters you most likely won’t be grinding high-end areas (well at least won’t be effectively doing it). You can grind the places which drop the infinite pot piece if you haven’t already got it for a little bit of extra-added value.

Season 2: Rise of the Hashashin

We had to put it in, I really expect there to be a lot of Hashashin’s and we mean a lot, with the release of the new class being tied to the 2nd season, it’s just inevitable.

So expect to see A LOT of them around, and if you don’t like snakes, then just turn those graphics very low as sand snakes will be everywhere.

No love for Dream horses, only T8 and lower

Yup, if you are like me and have got the dream horse you always wanted (and a backup because, you know, RNG) and sold all your other horses, then bad news, you can’t use dream horses on the seasonal server.

To be nice and optimal, get yourself a T8 courser with good stats since that will be the BIS horse you can get.

Well, these are mine, and the BDOHub Teams tips and tidbit that we hope you will find useful, and if you think we missed something off or want to tell us what you’re going to play on the second season! Let us know below in the comments.

Official Resources

Feel free to check out the official rundown of this season from the official Autumn Season Servers Guide:

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